Monday, December 6, 2010

Sam Leccia and the Cain F tour

Sam Leccia came to Omaha for the Cain F tour. Sam is the inventor of the Oliva NUB cigar and the Oliva CAIN.
The rock star of the cigar world. Totally awesome dude, way cool to hang out with and talk too.
Also got to see our good freind and Oliva cigar rep; Cory Horinek!
Sam rolled cigars for everyone, hung out, was cool... and then fired up his smart phone and made people sing karaoke into it!
Good times!

Sam rolled this custom cigar while he was there, took him about an hour to make it. ALL that design that you see is done with leaf. He cut it all out and rolled it all carefully before our eyes.
Then our buddy Jimbob was awarded the cigar later for being a super cool, cigar nutjob!

good cigars and good freinds

Some freinds from Chicago made the trip to Nebraska for some cigar smoking.

Ben and Jamie

Adam's XS650 fighter

Adam's XS650 fighter that he built himself by welding the back half of a R6 to the XS cradle.
This is his first bike build ever. And the paint is all done by him as well.